State Of Alaska Electronic Payment Agreement

On the State Vendor Self Services (VSS) website, lenders can easily manage account information, track payments and respond electronically to purchases. Vote your accounts: to find your EOP online, use the payment tool and select payments. Look for your EOP for the payment reference ID number, the dollar amount or the date paid. The EOP contains the same information as a paper version, including recipient information and the IPNP number. The transmission of electronic payments and the payment of funds are not made on weekends. Electronic payments made on Friday are sent on the first business day following the weekend and deposited on the first business day following the transmission. After receiving the completed form, the State of Alaska sends a predictive note, a zero-dollar test transaction, to verify the accuracy of the bank account information before the “online” payments are sent. This test usually lasts five working days. Depending on the bank, you may be informed that this test has been processed. Once this test is complete, your payments will be received electronically. Fill out the form For electronic payment agreements that apply to your payment method, attach a cancelled cheque or savings receipt and send us the form or fax us the form.

You will receive a direct down payment for all Premera, Premera Medicare Advantage, Premera Partner and FEP payments. Joint management is not supported by the EFT. Online, instead of paper EOPs: EfT registration automatically disables your paper payment return (EOPs) for all premera companies and associated companies (except FEP and Shared Administration). After check-in, you`ll only have online access to your EOPs. The seller completes the “Electronic Payment Contract” form, a signed document authorizing the State of Alaska to make electronic payments directly to the lender`s bank account. It contains the information needed for the payment transaction, such as a bank account number. B, information about the Addenda format (i.e. transfer instructions), contact names, phone numbers, etc. In addition, the State of Alaska is authorized to initiate positions and adjustments for all defective assets on the creditor`s account.

Example: TRN-1-20150328123457811111111111 (Use bold formatted numbers as payment reference ID to find the tool.) Electronic money transfer (EFT) involves transferring money from one bank account to another, either within a single financial institution or in several institutions, through computer systems and without direct intervention from bank staff. If you have received an error, send us an email. Please indicate the amount of the payment, the date of deposit and, if possible, the EF number (DEEE identification number) or the cheque/guarantee number. Financial Electronic Data Interchange (FEDI) is the electronic exchange of payment instructions and transfer information in a standard format facilitated by financial institutions. The deposit information you receive is displayed on your statement of account. If this information is not sufficient to identify payments, contact your bank`s ACH area to arrange for full transfer information. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a money transfer system that is subject to POSTA rules and provides interbank clearing of electronic items for financial institutions. You may receive calls from some of the suppliers you work with on a regular basis. We encourage you to support the university`s efforts to turn suppliers into an electronic payment option in two ways: 1. Encourage them to register in direct contact with your suppliers, register for the SUA or a direct deposit; and two. Respect the payment terms your creditors have chosen when authorizing them to pay the bills.

Your help will be faster and more fluid, and we appreciate it! An employer can pay wages by direct deposit as long as the employee has agreed to deposit and the wages are paid to a financial institution at the employee`s choice.