Readmission Agreement Georgia

2. An application for readmission must be made in writing: 2. If the applicant is in possession of a valid travel document or identity card, the transfer of that person may take place without the requesting state being obliged to make an application for readmission or written notification to the competent authority of the required state, in accordance with Article 11, paragraph 1. 4. Georgia or a Member State may revoke any authorisation issued in the event of subsequent circumstances covered by paragraph 3 that impede transit or if the continuation of the journey or readmission by the destination state to any transit states is no longer assured. In this case, the requesting state withdraws, if necessary and without delay, the third country national or the stateless. 2. The readmission obligation in paragraph 1 does not apply where: ((a) the requesting state refers to the State (Georgia or one of the Member States) which, in accordance with Article 7, makes an application for readmission or a request for readmission in accordance with Article 14 of this agreement; 2. Georgia authorizes the transit of third-country or stateless nationals when requested by a Member State, and a Member State authorizes the transit of third-country or stateless nationals if Georgia requests it, if further travel to other transit countries and readmission by the destination state is assured.

(a) have a valid visa or residence permit issued by Georgia at the time of the application for readmission; or – documents, certificates and invoices of any kind (e.g., hotel bills. B, doctor/dentist appointments, tickets to public/private institutions, car rental contracts, credit cards, etc.), which clearly indicate that the person concerned has been in the required state territory, 4. When Georgia has given a positive response to the request for readmission, the diplomatic mission or the Consulate of Georgia issues without delay and at the latest within three working days, the travel document necessary for the return of the person to be returned, with a validity period of 90 days, regardless of the person`s will to be reinstated. If Georgia has not issued the travel document within three working days, it is considered to be the use of the European Union`s standard travel document for deportation [1]. (f) multilateral international agreements and agreements on the readmission of foreigners, such as the International Civil Aviation Convention of 7 December 1944. (1) The contracting parties agree to each other`s assistance in the application and interpretation of this agreement.