Amendment To Assignment Agreement

This ASSIGNMENT AND AMENDMENT AGREEMENT (this agreement), which has since been in effect between Quest Resource Corporation (“QRC”), PostRock Energy Corporation (“PostRock”) and David Lawler (“Employee”), in effect at the conclusion of the agreement and proposed merger of July 2, 2009 between PostRock, QRC, Quest Midstream Partners, L.P., Quest Energy GP, LLC, , LLC and Quest Midstream Acquisition, LLC, as amended (the effective date) (the combined transactions, the “recombination”), is an amendment and assignment of this employment contract by and between QRC and Employee of April 10, 2007 and later (the “employment contract”). This second LIEN AGENCY ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT, dated November 30, 2009 (this “agreement”), by and under, MORGAN STANLEY SENIOR FUNDING, INC. (“MSSF”), MORGAN STANLEY – CO. INCORPORATED (“MS-Co,” and with MSSF, the Morgan Stanley Entities), the LENDERS part on this subject (the “Required Lenders”) and the Bank of New York Mellon (“BNY”), Inc. (the “mother”) and Mitel US Holdings, Inc. (the borrower). It is associated with this specific second-line credit agreement of August 16, 2007 (modified, amended or amended from time to time, to the “credit agreement” by and between the parent companies, the borrower, MSSF, as a director (as an “administrative representative”), MS-Co, as collateral agent, the “agents”) and the Lenders party, which is there from time to time. This transfer and modification agreement (this “transfer” of April 7, 2014 (the “transfer date”) is established by and under The Endesa Generacion S.A., a company registered in Spain and headquartered in 5 A.M. Borbolla, 41004 Sevilla, Spain (“Assignor”), endesa S.A., a Spanish company headquartered in Calle Ribera 60. , 28042 Madrid, Spain (“Assignee”) and Corpus Christi Liquefaction , LLC, a Delaware-based limited liability company headquartered in 700 Milam St., Suite 800, Houston, TX 77002 (“CCL”). Plenipotentiaries, plenipotentiaries and CDCcs are referred to as “party” and collectively “parts” as these are sometimes referred to as “party.” This ACCORD ASSIGNMENT AND AMENDMENT, dated March 22, 2017 (`agreement`), is concluded by and under Beverage Packaging Factoring (Luxembourg) LLP (“Assignor”), NZGT (BPFT) Trustee Limited, as trustee of the Beverage Packaging Factoring Trust (“Assignee”), Beverage Packaging Holdings (Luxembourg) IV S.a r.l (“BPH IV”), Beverage Packaging Holdings (Luxembourg) , and any party identified with Schedule I to this agreement as an existing seller (together the “sellers”).